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Love French

(Sat 10 May 2014)

from: Ele . 4 from 5

I simply love French cuisine so I asked around for recommendations and my boyfriend suggested the Hibiscus Restaurant. It is on an accessible area and the pictures I found on the internet are pretty awesome so I said 'why not?'. We booked a table for 4 persons with three days in advance. When we arrived, the staff led us to our table and acted quite official but with a friendly touch. We ordered all the fancy named dishes convinced that they’re going to be marvelous and guess what? They really were. Their chef is really a gold mine. I would’ve appreciated a little bit more lively music but it was alright after all. I totally recommend it for office dinners, romantic dinners and overall chill nights!

Ele recommends Hibiscus. Ele will return to Hibiscus.

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